Our Trip To The Florida Keys

Saturday, January 26 to Saturday, February 2

These pages are a collection of the digital pictures I took during our trip to the Florida Keys this year. It was myself, Danielle, my brother Paul, and his girlfriend Melissa. What made this trip extra special was the dolphin swim, which we have plenty of pictures of! I've organized the pictures by date, so click on the date you want to see the pictures from...

Danielle and I left Chesapeake City around 7:00 pm on Friday, January 25th. We made a few stops, grabbed a bite to eat at good ol' KFC in Elkton, and then officially began our journey from North East at 8:00 pm. Paul and Melissa left her place in Norristown around 7:30 pm.

I didn't take any pictures on Friday, since we simply drove though the night, and took a little break at a rest stop for an hour or so around 6:00 AM, about an hour into Florida. That's where Paul and Melissa caught up to us, and we finished out the journey together. We arrived at the Condo in the Keys at 1:00 pm Saturday afternoon. Oh by the way, I have to thank Paul for the radar detector he got me for Christmas. Without it, I'm sure we wouldn't have made the 1300 mile trip in 17 hours with no tickets!

OK, on to the pictures!

Saturday, January 26th - Arrival!!
Sunday, January 27th - First Full Day.
Monday, January 28th - Boating!!
Tuesday, January 29th - Dolphin Day!!
Wednesday, January 30th - Key West!!
Thursday, January 31st
Friday, February 1st - My Birthday!!
Saturday, February 2nd
Sunday, February 3rd