Tuesday, January 29th


On this day we went to Theater Of The Sea in Islamorada. Here is one of the dolphins from the dolphin show we saw.

Here's Stormy and Thunder getting a treat from the trainer, Tish.

Amazing how these animals can jump so high out of the water!

Everyone loves to do the backstroke...

Here's Tish standing on one dolphin while holding on to the other one.

I always love it when they do this trick.

After the dolphin show we toured the rest of the place, and saw some sea turtles.

And we saw some nurse sharks.

Here's a closer shot of the nurse shark.

And here's an aligator. Or a crocodile. I forget which.

And here's Seth the Sealion.

Seth likes to give kisses.

He's very talented.

Sea lions are cool.

Here's another shark.

This pelican was wondering what I was up to.

Here's a colorful fish.

I think I had this guy for dinner the next night.

Here's a bunch of colorful fish.

And some more colorful fish.

Here are a couple of pelicans in front of a cool waterfall.

Here's another fish.

Here's another sea turtle.

And another.

Here's Paul and Danielle with their flippers on before they did their dolphin swim.

Here's Danielle getting a kiss from a dolphin.

Here's Paul swimming with a dolphin.

Here's Danielle holding the dorsal fin of two dolphins while they pull her through the water.

Here she is again, slowing down a bit.

Here's Paul and Danielle holding a hoop while a dolphin jumps through it.

And another dolphin jumps through it.

And a third!

Here's Danielle getting a hug from a dolphin.

And after the hug it's back to playtime!

Here's Paul going out for another swim with two dolphins.

There they go...

Here he comes back with all four!

There goes Danielle with two dolphins.

There they are!

And here she comes back with all four.

And they keep on going...

There's Paul getting a hug from a dolphin.

There's plenty of hugs to go around!

There's the dolphins waving goodbye at the end of the swim.

Wednesday, January 30th - Key West!!