bōt·ĭng wĭth tē·ăr dŏt kŏm: (noun) A web site maintained by some dude in Chesapeake City, Maryland, featuring entertaining and informative pictures and stories relating to boating on the Upper Chesapeake Bay.

Welcome to BoatingWithTR.com! This web site features pictures and stories about the adventures my friends and I have on the Elk River and the Chesapeake Bay. This generally involves a lot of boating, which in turn involves a lot of beer. Use the menu at the top to view pictures and read stories that occurred during a particular boating season. You can also check out some of my favorite links or become a BoatingWithTR.com member. I try to update the site as often as possible, but it gets difficult during the heart of the boating season. But check back often, I'll do the best I can!

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November 12, 2023

For those of you who have been constantly monitoring my site since the last update in March of 2009 (14 years ago!!), I want to let you know that there's finally something new to report! Well actually there was also the great boat Gail Force that I bought in 2014 and enjoyed ten great seasons with, but I sort of dropped the ball as far as posting anything to this site during that fantastic decade. But anyway the big news is my 50th birthday coming up on February 1st! I'm celebrating all month in the Bahamas and I would love for as many of my friends and family to come join me as possible! Click the link below for more details, and I hope to see you in Bimini or Nassau!!

Birthday Celebration Event Details

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