Saturday, January 26th


Here's Paul and Melissa behind Danielle and I as we crossed from the Florida mainland into the Florida Keys.

Here's a closer shot. Notice they're both smiling with excitement and enthusiasm!

Here they are again, but this time they're closer than they appear.

When we arrived in the keys with the top down, it was 85 degrees! A lott better than the 30 degrees we left back home.

Paul cut up his arm and leg trying to climb this tree near the condo we stayed in. (We stayed in the condo, not the tree.)

Here are a couple of pelicans.

This is kind of a crappy shot, but this lighthouse was right near the condo too.

These little fish were everywhere!

Here's the cute couple sitting on the dock near the condo.

And here they are again...

Paul is not very fond of getting sunburn on his nipples, so he had these nipple protectors custom made by the fine people at Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Apparently removing them from the nipples is a pleasant experience.

Sunday, January 27th - First Full Day.