Sunday, January 27th


Here's the view from the pool by the condo.

Even Jacque Cousteau doesn't have any footage of the wiley, elusive, Florida Ziplock Bag...

Here's a pelican guarding this guy's outboard motor.

Here I am protecting my face from the inevitable sunburn.

These are barnacles growning on a piling.

These cool little fish were always swimming around.

This bird kept talking to us while we were eating lunch.

All he could say was Hello though. The conversation was pretty boring.

This little guy didn't say a thing.

Here's a view from the side of Rt 1.

Here's myself and Danielle.

Here's Paul and Melissa.

This little lizard was very well camaflouged. And from the shadow, it looks like someone is about to pee on him.

This little lizard was crawling across the carpet in the condo!

Here Danielle and Melissa are playing some air hockey at Chilli Willie's in Islamorada.

Obvously, Melissa's boob did not want to be in this picture, so Paul is graciously shielding it.

I think Danielle is winning.

This shot was taken in the late afternoon on Holiday Isle. The moon was very bright even though it was still daytime.

If that telephone pole was a tree, this would be a really great shot.

Monday, January 28th - Boating!!