Monday, January 28th


This day we rented a boat to check out the area by water. Here it is on a sandbar. (We did that on purpose. Really.)

Here's the sandbar. It was huge.

The channel is off to the left.

We weren't the only ones on the sandbar!

This interesting thing appeared to be growing out of the sand. I was afraid of it.

Here's Danielle rescuing a beached whale. Oh, wait... That's me. Nevermind.

Here's the view of Holiday Isle from the water, and on the far right is our favorite spot, the Tiki Bar!

Here's the view of the condos from the water. You can see the dock to the left and the lighthouse to the right.

Here's Danielle and I on the bow of the boat.

And here's the four of us!

Here I am driving the boat.

This is one of the many "streets" that we took the boat down to check out the houses.

Here's a house on the corner of Stromboli Street.

Here's another one of the many huge houses we saw on the water.

This water trampoline thing was pretty cool looking.

This place had a cool roof.

Another nice house.

That deck on the roof is pretty cool.

A nice house. (And a pelican, of course.)

Yet another nice house.

This house looks more like a hotel!

This house had a caboose in front of it.

These guys had a slide going right into the water.

These guys had a slide AND a diving board!

Another nice place with a cool dome window.

I think this was actually an alien spaceship. Or maybe David Duchovny's house.

There's the drawbridge we crossed whenever we went south of Plantation Key. (And a pelican.)

Here's a seagull.

That night we had a great dinner at Lorelei's.

Here's Paul and I looking very spiffy.

And here's the girls.

Here's Danielle and I on the beach.

Here's Danielle after too much wine.

OK, maybe I could have eased up on the booze too.

Aww, how cute.

Paul, you lucky bastard...

Well now I'm lucky too.

These two look like they're about to fall over.

Yup, there they go...

Here's the four of us on the beach.

And here we are again.

Tuesday, January 29th - Dolphin Day!!