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Welcome to! This web site features pictures and stories about the adventures my friends and I have on the Elk River and the Chesapeake Bay. This generally involves a lot of boating, which in turn involves a lot of beer. Use the menu at the top to view pictures and read stories that occurred during a particular boating season. Or check out some of my favorite links, buy some of my stuff, or become a member. I try to update the site as often as possible, but it gets difficult during the heart of the boating season. But check back often, I'll do the best I can!

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June 21, 2006

How almost four months flew by that fast is beyond me. Winter ended, spring began, and now it sure feels like summer is here. I'm typing this from the cabin of my boat on the Wednesday before Canal Day. Today's temperature reached 90 degrees. The water has already warmed up from what seemed barely above freezing a month ago, to refreshing two weeks ago, to almost bathtub water today. But let's move on to important things.

CANAL DAY: It's almost here. As I just mentioned, it's the Wednesday before Canal Day, and I'm already in my slip, C-9, at the Chesapeake Inn. This is the earliest I've ever arrive at Canal Day, and I'm not alone. As I type this, the first raft has already started, and I count 17 boats. The festivities are slated to start tomorrow, a day earlier than last year. Cheri was the first to officially arrive, moving her boat to her designated Canal Day slip this past Sunday. The die-hards are here tonight and plan to stay through Sunday, and she and I are among them.

Thanks to all the people who have emailed me about Canal Day (though most of you have reminded me how bad I've been about updating the site -  well deserved). I hope to see all of you out here this weekend! I'll post more details as the party gets started...

March 1, 2006

Well February is over, and even though my birthday is in that month, I'm sure glad it's over! January was really mild, with plenty of boating. Unfortunately, February was very cold, and aside from the BoMM run and a quick ride on Mariah's boat before she hauled and winterized it (again), we didn't do any boating! We even had a pretty good snow storm with a foot or more of snow.

The good news is that the down time allowed me to put up a couple pages of new pictures. Check out the November BoMM run and the December BoMM run. Now it's time to start getting some good pictures for 2006!

And speaking of BoMM runs, I wanted to mention that the January BoMM run was awesome. A bunch of us piled on the Miss Kitty, a pilot boat that handles the routine changing of captains aboard ships that navigate the C&D Canal. I'll post pictures soon. The February BoMM run was aboard the Cape May - Lewis Ferry, and was also a good time, though the weather could have been better.

From the looks of the weather forecasts, I think spring is right around the corner. At this point, I guess it's safe to say that the Bad Influence survived its first winter in the water. I will have to pull it out once the weather warms up to do a little seasonal maintenance - and to clean up the mess we made by using it all winter! Without any running fresh water, the was no way to clean up the occasional beer spill (Mariah), margarita salt explosion (Jenn), and just general messiness (TR). So once the water is back on at Harbour North, the Bad Influence is coming out for a good scrubbing and wax! This should be lots and lots of fun, so reserve your spot now if you want to join in the festivities. Space is limited, so don't hesitate.

January 15, 2006

Well we're halfway through January, and Bad Influence is still in the water! The temperatures haven't been fantastic, but there's been no freezing weather, so we've kept on boating. I have a couple of interesting things to bring up:

Schaefer's Canal House has closed its doors after 36 years of business. Although I haven't been a frequent customer there since the Chesapeake Inn opened, it's still sad to see the end of an era. A group of us ate the last meal served there. It was Wednesday evening, the 11th of January. Our group consisted of myself, Cheri, Karin and Rich Kolbe, Mariah, and her friend Joanne. We also stopped by on the official last day they were open, which was the following Saturday. We arrived by boat, of course, and were the last people to visit Schaefer's by boat during its time in business. Aboard were myself, Cheri, Mariah, Jenn, Nathan, and Garrett.

On a somewhat happier note, my calendars have finally arrived! There was a big mix up that caused a huge delay, but they are finally in my possession. I've mailed out all of the ones to those who pre-ordered them, but there are a few left, so just let me know if you want one. They turned out pretty good!

The last thing I want to mention is not really boating related. I want to get out of my car lease, so that I may have more money for boating adventures in 2006 :) If you have any interest, check it out here!

Don't forget about the Canal Day Lottery Party at the Chesapeake Inn on the 21st. Hope to see you there!

January 1, 2006

Happy New Year!

Well, another great boating year has passed. We boated right up until the last minute, finishing up the year with a sunset cruise on January 31st of 2005. We also christened the New Year by taking a boat ride on New Year's Day. It looks like the weather is going to remain pretty mild for the next week at least, so I expect to schedule the January BoMM run soon.

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