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December BoMM Run

Boating with Santa! On December 10th, the Bad Influence was decorated for the holidays, and boarded by a crew of boaters in the holiday spirit to go save Santa from the onslaught of children hounding him for gifts at the Chesapeake Inn.

Here's Cheri placing a very festive wreath on the transom.
Here's our favorite decorator (she prefers designer, but in this case she's not really designing anything) adding some Christmas lights to the bow.
Here I am pretending to be doing something productive in the warmth and protection of the cockpit, while Cheri's freezing her butt off outside.
With the boat decorated and ready to go, the crew arrives! Note the snow on the dock!
Josh and Nathan are all bundled up for the ride.
And we may ask that Blair not join us on any future BoMM runs. Some people take the term "festive" a bit too seriously.
And here's the crew! (Minus Jenn the photographer.)
Mariah dons a Santa hat for fashion and warmth.
Santa hats for everyone!
The banks were covered with snow on the way up the canal.
Dockmaster Andy shoveled a path for us upon our arrival.
And was rewarded handsomely with a frosty beverage!
And here's the guest of honor! Having had his fill of children for the day, Santa was thrilled to escape to freedom with a bunch of drunk people.
After roasting in his hot suit in the heat of the Chesapeake Inn, Santa was glad to get on the boat where the climate more closely resembled that of the North Pole.
Shortly after boarding, Santa was killed by Jenn, who cut off his beard and wore it around like a trophy.
This year, it will be Jenn who decides who's naughty and nice.
Josh is already kissing up!
Blair and Andrea have nothing to worry about, claiming that both Santa and Jenn think they've been nice all year.
But look! Santa has returned! There's no stopping this man. Children around the world, rejoice!
Nathan tells Santa how he tried to stop Jenn, and Santa believes his salesman-like BS story.
Here's Andrea sitting on Santa's lap, telling him what she wants for Christmas.
Santa takes a little nap on the bow. He has forgiven Jenn, and all's right in the world again
As we near the end of Santa's boat ride, we got one more group picture with the legend.
After dropping Santa off at a secret undisclosed location, we returned to the Inn for a little post-Santa partying.
The dock was a bit slippery, but no one was injured.
No tiki bar today!
Here's our favorite dockmaster in the parking lot.
Here's the whole group warming up at the bar.
After such an eventful day, we took the slippery walk back to the boat and headed home.
Rich Kolbe snapped this shot from shore as we went down the canal. Thanks for a great day Santa. Merry Christmas!

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