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Canal Day 2005 - Thursday

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June 25th was Canal Day this year, and as always, it was a great time. I actually headed down on Wednesday this year, and stayed until Sunday. Wednesday night was nothing out of the ordinary. On Thursday the boats started coming in, and Thursday night was a great party. Here are some pictures from Thursday, as the boats began to arrive.

Around lunch time, George moved the tug off of the T-head of D dock and out into the basin.
As you can see, there were other boats starting to pull in, and George got out there just in time to get the perfect spot.
Here's Mariah relaxing in the sun waiting to move her boat to her designated spot in our raft.
Blair's jet ski sunk pretty early on in the day, but fortunately we had some water guns that make excellent bailing tools.
A few early arrivals tied up next to the John Arthur.
By early afternoon, the first raft was forming.
By evening, the first row was pretty full, and rafts were forming toward the back of the basin.
In keeping with the tradition I began last year, here's a panoramic view of the cove from the top of the tug. You can see that 60 or so boats arrived on Thursday. Hover the mouse on the left or right sides to scroll around.
Mike went out to visit some people in the raft-up.
Paul Brew made an appearance to show off his new line of thong / water balloon launching clothing.
Very stylish. I can't figure out how this didn't catch on.
Here's a few of us getting ready to start partying.
Here are our boats rafted up on the end of C dock. From left to right, Kolbe's boat, my boat, Mariah's boat, Josh and Denise's boat, and Sean's boat. Mike and his dad also came over.
Nick and Kevin were providing transportation.
Thursday night dinner was served aboard the John Arthur.
This mini-cruise ship was docked across the canal.
Boats kept coming in all day long. Walt pulled in just before sunset.
Here's the sunset from Thursday night.

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