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Canal Day 2005 - Friday

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When I woke up Friday morning, plenty more boats had arrived. We enjoyed a nice breakfast aboard Cheri's boat, and then began the festivities. Like last year, I thought Friday night was actually the best party night of the whole weekend.

Here are the ladies whipping up some breakfast for the hungry boaters.
After breakfast Jen fortified the Ghetto Pool and assumed sniper-like water gun activity.
Everyone with a water gun was practicing for the real soak sessions on Saturday.
Here's a shot to give an idea of how many more boats had collected in the basin since the night before..
Just before noon, I climbed to the top of the tug to get this panoramic shot. It's easy to see how many more boats were there compared to the same view from Thursday.
Here's Kim and Dave Bishel in the spot they commandeered for the weekend.
Bud Light sponsored for Canal Day. Here's George and Mariah hanging the promo material on the back of the tug. Yuengling, if you're listening, I'd be happy to let you sponsor Bad Influence in 2006.
Here's Carol playing Hide 'n' Seek on the jet ski. I think George found her.
Here's Carol no longer playing children's games.
Several inflatable people enjoyed Canal Day this year.
Any relation?
What happens if that inflatable person gets too close to that grill?
Nice hairdo.
Here I am hanging out on Sheena's boat for a minute, and there's Mike and Shilo riding past in the background.
As night began to fall, the party moved onto the docks.
Here's Cheri's boat with plenty of coolers for the Bud Light.
This is Mariah's Canal Day pose.
George was definitely having a good time on Friday night, although it took the better part of the daylight to get rid of his hangover from Thursday.
Jeremey took some great pictures of us for Barhopper Magazine, but none of them made it into the print issue .
Did Cheri earn those beads from Gizzy?
It definitely pays to have some beads on hand for Canal Day.
Keith was very perplexed that so much partying had gone on before Canal Day was even here..
And of course, the Friday night sunset.

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