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Canal Day 2005 - Saturday

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When I woke up Friday morning, plenty more boats had arrived. We enjoyed a nice breakfast aboard Cheri's boat, and then began the festivities. Like last year, I thought Friday night was actually the best party night of the whole weekend.

First thing Saturday morning, I decided that would climb up these stairs to the top of the bridge, and get some photos.
Here's what the bridge looks like halfway up the stairs.
From the top of the stairs I could see people trying to find parking for the day.
Here's Josh, me and Sean at the top of the bridge.
Here's a shot of the basin from the top of the bridge.
If anyone wants to count how many boats are in there, just let me know.
Here's a slightly different angle.
Back down at sea level, we saw this Coast Guard helicopter. If you look close, you can see someone's feet hanging out of the far side.
The helicopter dipped real low, and the guy jumped out!
Then they dropped a cable down, and lifted the guy back into the helicopter.
Then they waved goodbye and took off.
Sean was getting some pictures from the top of Sure Power.
Mike and friends cruised around on the dinghy armed with water guns.
Blair and Andrea appear unarmed aboard the jet ski.
Mariah is armed with whipped cream.
Cindy and her friend were dancing in the midst of the watergun crossfire.
Here's a jet ski towing a long line of rafts around.
Cheri is having no mercy on the helpless rafts!
Looks like Cheri is really putting some muscle into it!
Here's Jason making his rounds in a very wet dinghy.
Mike's really working hard here.
How many Mikes do I know?
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Kristen!
Here's the Beaver Shot tucked nicely along E dock.
Even the Vikings appreciate Canal Day.
Here's Lorie and Stephanie earning a few beads.
It was very crowded on shore during the day, so we stuck mostly to the water.
The Tiki Bar was madness!
Here's my panoramic shot of Saturday. I'm not too happy with how this one turned out. Remind me next year to do this BEFORE drinking beer all day. My excuse is that the tug was rocking. Let me know if you believe that.
Here's a bunch of us on my boat.
The ghetto pool was very refreshing as well as entertaining.
Is that from Gilligan's Island?
Here's Brian checking things out on this side of the basin.
Karin actually made it to Canal Day this year!
Canal Day wouldn't be the same without HOWSMYHAT.
Taking from the top of Sure Power, here's Kolbe's boat, my boat, Mariah's boat, Josh & Denise's boat, Sean's boat, and Mike's boat. Yes, another Mike.
There's me taking a picture!
While Sean and I were hanging out on Sure Power, a couple of chicks wandered up there too. And then so did Pete.
Jimmy and Jen were keeping an eye on things from the bow of my boat.
Here's Christina, Kim, and Karen hanging around.
Here's Carole gettin' funky.
I didn't get over to E dock to see Tom and Melinda until nightfall.
Walt was hanging out over there too.
Greg, what the heck are you doing?
Sheila was in charge of traffic control on E dock.
I'm not sure what the heck is going on here.
Here's Cheri and I enjoying some HOWSMYHAT.
As usual, Andy has the biggest beads of all!
The party was still going aboard Breakin' Wind.
Here's Mariah showing us that she cleaned off the whipped cream. Or something.
Here we are taking it easy as the night settles in.
Here's Nate, Summer, Gary, John, Marty, and someone unknown to me heading in from John's boat.
Here's a cute picture of Amanda and Rich.
Here's an even cuter picture. Is she getting ready to spank Bryn?
Here's Kim and Mariah.
Here we are relaxing on Josh and Denise's boat.
Two of my favorite bartenders at the Tiki Bar!
Night-night Keith.
Night-night, whoever you are.
Jen looks awful comfortable Sunday morning.
Breakfast beers!

Well that's about it. I hope you enjoyed these pictures. What's that? You want to see the good ones now? OK, click here if you really want to see!

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