Hurricane Isabel came through Chesapeake City on Thursday, September 18th. Out on the water the day before, it was difficult to imagine that a hurricane was heading our direction. Take a look at how calm the water was:


When the hurricane hit, we didn't have a whole lot of rain, but there was plenty of wind, and the flood tide afterward will be remembered for a long time. I took lots of pictures, and here I've organized them by the place where the pictures were taken. Click a link below to see what happened:

My House: Fallen trees, power outage, but plenty of beer in the cooler.
Harbour North Marina: Definitely got the worst of the flood.
Chesapeake Inn: My favorite hangout became a giant swimming pool!
Port Herman: The condos really were waterfront!
Hollywood Beach: The playground was now a water park.
Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbour: Swimming through the parking lot.

Other pictures:
Bohemia Vista Marina
The C&D Canal

Submitted pictures: Lots of people have been sending me pictures taken during Hurricane Isabel. Keep 'em coming! Try to send me the highest resolution, best quality pictures you can. Don't bother resizing them to be smaller if you don't have to. I'll keep adding pictures to the page as I receive them, and I'll update the date here so you can tell if there's anything new.

Check them out here. (Last updated 10/22/2003)