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2006 Sunset Calendar

The 2006 calendars are on their way! I've placed the order, they should be in my hands by December 12th. Order now to reserve one! I had to pay a little bit more than last year, both because the price was a bit higher and they now charge sales tax online. So I'm only charging what they cost me. That's how anxious I am to make sure you get one of these great calendars! Each year I've sold more than the last year, and this year I've already taken more pre-orders than ever! So don't wait, supplies are limited!


January 2006 through December 2006 Wall Calendar
12 original sunset pictures, all taken in 2005 on the Elk River, C&D Canal, and Chesapeake Bay.
8.5"x11" Closed
17"x11" Open


To order, either email me and we'll work out the details, or you can click the button below to use PayPal to order online with a credit card or with your PayPal account if you have one. Don't worry, PayPal's safe, I use it all the time. They're owned by ebay, so you know they're not going to screw you over. If they do, I'll give you next year's calendar for free. Really. OK, click the button below to order the calendar. Hurry up and do it now before you change your mind.

All proceeds (oh, wait, there are no proceeds this year) will help put gas in the boat for more sunset pictures.

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