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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 

First Raft-Up of 2006

January was a very mild month as far as the temperature goes, but there were some extremely windy days. So windy, that both Mariah and Jenn lost the covers to their boats. They were both very upset by this, and were planning on spending a Saturday getting their boats covered back up. Then along came the Voice of Reason (aka Bad Influence). I said "Hey guys, since your boats are already uncovered, why not drop them in the water and take them to the Chesapeake Inn for the night!" Obviously this was a great idea, so we got the boats prepared for launch, and off they went! Of course the Bad Influence never left the water this winter, so I was right behind them to join the fun.

Jenn anchored first, and then Mariah tied along side.
I then approached, and with the help of my first mate Sandler, joined the raft. Three boats on January 21st! Not bad!
Once the sun started to set, it got a bit chilly, so we humans donned sweatshirts, and Sandler wrapped himself in a blanket.
Maddie stayed nice and warm with her sweater though.
And of course nothing keeps you warm like a Santa hat.
Cheri was obviously very taken aback by this whole January raft-up deal, and Sandler is wondering what's with the weird look on her face.

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