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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 

Andy's New Boat

This year, everyone's favorite dockmaster finally joined the rest of us by getting himself a boat! I was there to take a ride with him on his first day. Later that evening, he headed home, and left his boat safely tied up at the Chesapeake Inn. Safely? Read on.

Here's Andy enjoying his first day on his new boat. The name on it it AbouTime, but he's going to change it.
Here's the boat safely put away for the night. Wait, what's that on the steering wheel?
Why, it looks like a pair of underwear.
A dirty pair at that.
Josh confirms that yes, indeed, it is a dirty pair of men's underwear.
And what's the hanging from the antenna?
More underwear!
Everyone congratulates Andy in their own way. If you don't want to see a close-up of Josh's butt, don't look at the next picture.
I warned ya.
Just to avoid confusion, someone (I wonder who?) put this dockmaster shirt on the boat for identification.
It's hard to tell, but here's a pair of women's panties adorning the port cleat.
And just in case the shirt wasn't enough, someone spelled out ANDY in beer bottles to make sure everyone knew whose boat it was.

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