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Random Pictures

I take a lot of pictures, but I don't always have enough in a series to tell a story. So here I'm placing a few random shots from 2005 of good friends and good times.

Here's me enjoying a ritual that was new to me this year. I'm not just talking about the physical labor of rowing, I'm talking about the millions of trips I made to shore for the relief of various canines.
Speaking of canines, Bones here had a good time destroying a dog toy, and somehow managed to get it all over himself. He seems quite happy about it! 2005 was the year of the dogs on our boating scene.
Aside from the dogs, another new and exciting thing this year was all of our shallow water trips. Here's a shot of the Route 40 bridge in Elkton on one of our lunch time excursions.
Remember when we had some fun decorating Andy's new boat? Well here's Part I of Andy's Revenge.
Speaking of our favorite dockmaster, here he is sunning himself a little too much.
Here's Super Rick from HOWSMYHAT. He only made it out on the boat a couple of times this year, but now he lives up the street from me so he might be out more often in 2006.
Here's Nick enjoying my favorite beverage, Yuengling, while cooling down in Lloyd's Creek.
Cheri's hair was doing some wild stuff thanks to a little static electricity from the canvas.
During the off-season, we make a few trips to Dewey. As you can see, we don't leave the fun at home!
Here's a shot from the January BoMM run aboard the John Arthur.
And here we are on one of the ferries that run from Cape May to Lewes for the February BoMM run.
This was the first group that jumped aboard Mariah's boat for the March BoMM run.
And here's a bunch of crazies celebrating the Fourth of July, which was later determined to be an official BoMM run.

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