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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 

Great Oak Landing

2005 started out as a pretty slow boating season. It wasn't until almost June that we took our first trip. But finally, on Memorial Day weekend, a bunch of us headed down to Great Oak Landing for an overnighter.

Here's a shot of our raft, with 10 boats tied together. At one point we had 12 boats.
Julie was missing for a while, then suddenly she showed up on this boat full of dudes! Hmmm...
Kolbe was out chauffeur to get back and forth from shore.
Here's Mariah and Cheri standing in line for some frozen drinks.
Here's some of our crew just hanging out.
I like to call them the "Cleavage Crew."
Mariah spotted this dude hanging out, and went over to introduce herself.
She made herself right at home while I covertly took these shots.
Apparently I wasn't being so covert.
John was showing off this attractive hat that he wore just for this occasion.
Here's Jenn and Cheri enjoying the sunset.
Now that the sun was setting, the party was really getting started.
Kolbe found a comfortable spot from which to entertain us.
Here's Rich guarding the entrance to the bathroom, charging a toll of one slice of bread to anyone who needed the facilities.
Some toe wrestling always keeps us entertained.
Rich was getting a little tired of the flash from the camera.
I woke up very early to make sure the boat was still secure, and happened to catch this sunrise.
It's very unusual for me to see a sunrise. It's a lot like a sunset, but my head hurts more.
Rich had towed John over to the fuel dock in the middle of the night to keep him from sinking.
We left Great Oak and headed to the Nauti Goose for lunch, where we met Alicia, Nick, Greg, and Becka.
After lunch, we all headed back to our respective marinas, just before the rain hit. What a weekend!

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