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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 

First Successful Overnight Raft-Up in 2005

Finally a day where the weather completely cooperated! A bunch of us headed out on this fine day, and we ended up with a very respectable 11 boats in our raft at one time. We all had a great time swimming and relaxing in the sun. I call this the first successful raft of the season, because the boats actually stayed where we anchored them all night long. I didn't mention it previously, but those who were there for the Great Oak raft-up know what I'm talking about...

Here you can see our raft forming, with Marty tying up at the end. Julie and Andrea are making sure nothing goes wrong.
Sean and Paul Brew both showed up with their boats.
And no powerboat-sailboat raft would be complete without the Acadia!
Here's Cheri getting ready to take Maddie for a swim.
The ladies are relaxing on Cheri's boat.
Here's someone catching the football with their feet. Pretty impressive.
Here's a shot of the raft from Sean's boat.
Mariah is double fisting.
And here Andrea is double fisting. Must have been the thing to do that day.
Here's Julie and Denise relaxing on a raft.
Here they are on their way back for more beer. This is also a spectacular cleavage shot of Julie.
More floating relaxation.
Deb relaxes aboard the Acadia.
Blair and Liberty look like they've lost something.
Ahh, the football!
Someone should instruct John on the proper way to wear a life vest. It looks like he's wearing a diaper.
Even Sandler did some relaxing on a raft.
That evening we took a sunset sail. You can see the boats behind me.
Six boats stayed the night, and we partied the evening away with beer and Mac & Cheese.
In the morning, Eric broke his cardinal rule and took Bones to shore in Dingus.
We were all a little tired out from the night before. Even Farley.
Josh needed a nice midday powernap.
Farley and Sandler took a little swim to cool down, then took shelter in the shade of the cabin with some pillows and a fan.

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