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Thursday, May 23, 2024 

Kayaks and Dogs Don't Mix

This boating season I've picked up two regular passengers: Farley and Sandler. They're out with me about every other weekend. For the most part, I couldn't ask for better shipmates. Aside from the fact that they can't fend a boat, tie a line, drop the anchor, or even occasionally steer, probably the most inconvenient aspect is the fact that they need to routinely get to shore to relieve themselves.

So on this one fine day, we're just minding our own business, when Ted comes rowing up on this kayak.
Not far behind were Kim and Karen in this canoe.
After Ted, Kim, and Karen came aboard to enjoy a few drinks, Farley and Sandler decided that they wanted to do a little kayaking.
So I offered to accompany them to shore.
It looks like things were going just fine.
Cheri was posing for the camera while I was carefully making my way toward shore.
Here's Rich distracting the camera while I'm repeatedly pulling dogs out of the water while trying not to flip the kayak.
I had a ridiculous time trying to keep the kayak upright with two dogs that don't understand the concept of balance. Or the word "stay" for that matter. Eric had to come rescue me.
I switched boats with Eric, and brought the dogs back in Dingus. They're both pretty wet, since they both fell off the kayak about ten times. This is also a flattering shot of my butt crack.
With that adventure over, and the dogs no longer in need of a bathroom break, we headed back towards the Chesapeake Inn.
On the way we caught a beautiful sunset.

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