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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 

First Boating Day in 2005

2005 started out with a beautiful day, with temperatures in the 60s! Perfect for January boating!

Mike picked up Cheri and I at Harbour North.
As we left the marina, I grabbed this shot of Cheri's boat all covered up for the winter.
The John Arthur is the only boat in the water.
As we got into the Canal, Sean and Rich found us.
After a blast down to Port Herman on Sean's boat, Mike and I climbed back into his boat and headed for the Chesapeake Inn.
Here we are enjoying the calm water and warm air.
Drinking while on plane means I qualified for the Boating Madness Marathon for January '05!
As a testament to how warm it was, Rich and Sean cruised around shirtless before the sun set and temperatures started dropping.

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