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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 

Early Swimmers

March was not a particularly warm month, but of course we were boating anyway. What I didn't think we'd be doing was swimming. But those are the types of things you can always count on Dusty for.

Faithful viewers will surely remember John and Dusty. John disappeared from the site (and from Chesapeake City) for a while, but he returned briefly for this occasion.
You can tell that it was cold since Sean's wearing a sweatshirt. This did not deter our swimmers. At least John was wearing underwear. The same can't be said for Dusty.
That water sure looks cold!
From the look on Dusty's face, the water is definitely cold.
You can always count on a laugh from these two.
Here Dusty has another look that shows how cold the water is. A little photo editing helps from offending viewers.
Good thing I brought towels. And good thing Dusty is so modest.

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