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Canal Day 2004

June 26th was Canal Day this year. What a great time! Ken and his sons Nick and Jonathan met me at my house around 2:00 PM on Thursday, and helped me load up my boat with supplies for the weekend, and then the four of us headed to Chesapeake City. We arrived at 3:00 PM. Ken, Nick, and Jonathan stuck around for a few hours, but I was in for the long haul, until Sunday afternoon.

The first thing I saw as I pulled into the basin was George's tugboat. There were a few other people rafted out as well, but things were looking fairly empty so far. Except for the 70 foot tug of course.
Here's a closer shot of the tug..
We tied up next to the tugboat first, and I ended up spending the night out there. Here's a shot from the top of the tug showing some of the boats already rafted out.
Here's a shot of the Inn, showing that the slips were still pretty empty Thursday afternoon.
The T head of B dock is where my boat was scheduled to be for the weekend. I didn't move over there until Friday afternoon.
My boat looked very small tied up next to the tug!
These next four pictures were taken just before 11 AM on Friday, and show how many boats came in between Thursday night and Friday morning. This shot is looking toward the city dock from the tug.
This shot shows the large number of boats already in the back of the basin, and you can see that there are two rows of boats, bow-to-bow, tied up next to the tug.
Here's a shot of the second row of boats on the starboard side of the tug.
Here are the two rafts next to the tug. By Saturday it becomes three rafts.
Here is what the basin looked like on Saturday around 1:30 PM.
The slips are definitely packed now!
Here you can see B dock.
There's my boat on the end!
Here's a panoramic view of the cove from the top of the tug. Hover the mouse on the left or right sides to scroll around.
I think I'd be a little embarrassed to be wearing this outfit.
But I guess if your friends are doing it, it's OK.
Here's another picture of people partying.
And more partying people.
For reasons known only to a small minority, I had to remove the picture of Jen from my site from last Canal Day. Here's one to replace it.
Dusty needs no introduction. Here he is performing his usual tricks.
Here's Dusty on top of the tug, earning some beads.
Scott did a fly-by before tying up his boat over by the Corps bulkhead.
There's Gary on Marty's boat, hanging out with the guys from Sure Power.
And here's Rich Kolbe with a devious look on his face as he shuttles unsuspecting riders to a wet doom.
Eric Miller had a little raft-up of his own going on in the back of the cove.
Here's Mike O'Connor cruising around.
In this shot you can see that the tug is surrounded by boats rafted up to it.
And here are some of my good friends partying on my boat.
There's Kolbe on his boat practicing Tai Kwan Do.
Here's Cheri and I cruising around on a wave runner.
Here's Jen again, trying to get rid of the hiccups.
This was a very interesting homemade raft. Better to have some type of boat on Canal Day then no boat at all!
Here are three slightly intoxicated people in the ghetto pool.
It looks like Gary's enjoying the view!
Here's Mike surprising a few people with a pressurized water gun.
Here I am enjoying a little shade and restocking on beads. Notice I'm wearing my brand new HOWSMYHAT shirt.
I spent some time Saturday evening showing off my new shirt to the band.
No Canal Day page would complete without a picture of Andy!

By now I'm sure lots of you are wondering where the "good" pictures are. Well, my intention was to put them in the members only section of the site. But since I have yet to get the members section up and running, I'm going to post a page in the public part of the site. Viewer discretion advised! OK, I finally put up the page. Click here if you really want to see!

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