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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 

Trip to Great Oak

On this day, my sister came down with several of her friends from school. We decided to take a trip to Great Oak Landing. Rich Kolbe was kind enough to let us borrow his dinghy, so that we could anchor out yet still get to shore in order to enjoy frosty beverages at Jellyfish Joel's.

You can see the dinghy tied to the back of my boat here. That worked out surprisingly well. On my boat were myself, Sean, Greg, Dusty, Nick, and Alicia.
On Cheri's boat were Cheri, Julie, John, Denise, Bonnie, Hassel, and KO.
Here's an osprey in his nest on top of the main channel marker for Fairlee Creek.
Here is Cheri's able crew setting the anchor. Once they got set, we tied up along side of them.
We inflated Alicia's new toy, the Crazy Coil.
And of course, the cafeteria was aboard Cheri's boat. She's always prepared!
After some food, (and a half hour of course), it's time for some swimming.
Sean loads up the dinghy with chicks and heads in to Jellyfish Joel's.
Here's the Millersville crew. Top: Bonnie and Greg. Bottom: Nick, Alicia, Hassle, and KO.
The sun was setting, so it was time to head back. Another fun boating adventure.

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