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Thursday, May 23, 2024 

Why I'm Not Boating Today

In what's becoming an annual tradition, here I've posted some pictures of how the area has been affected by the cold weather. I took most of these shots on January 28th, but a few of them I took on the 29th.

Snow 01-28-04 005_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 12901 bytes)
I feel that I have to start out with a picture of the bridge. On this day the canal wasn't frozen, but you can see a lot of ice flowing by.
Snow 01-28-04 008_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 9565 bytes)
Here you can see ice floating past Schaefer's.
Snow 01-28-04 007_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 11220 bytes)
Here's a view down the canal towards Delaware.
Snow 01-28-04 009_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 11855 bytes)
This is the entrance to Engineer's Cove. It's completely iced up.
Snow 01-28-04 010_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 14609 bytes)
Here's a large chunk of ice floating by.
Snow 01-28-04 012_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 11152 bytes)
My beloved Tiki Bar has been shrink wrapped for protection. It'll be a happy day for me when it's unwrapped.
Snow 01-28-04 014_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 12018 bytes)
Here's a shot of the city dock.
Snow 01-28-04 013_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 10060 bytes)
This is a view toward the canal from the deck of the Chesapeake Inn.
Snow 01-28-04 015_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 9857 bytes)
Here's B Dock.
Snow 01-28-04 020_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 9657 bytes)
Here's D Dock.
Snow 01-28-04 018_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 9006 bytes)
Last year I was ready to take bets that this sailboat would sink over the winter. I would have lost. Anyone want to bet again this year?
Snow 01-28-04 023_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 7896 bytes)
Braving the elements for my faithful viewers, I decided to take the long snowy walk to the end of the docks at Harbour North.
Snow 01-28-04 024_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 8014 bytes)
Here you can see that the entire marina was frozen.
Snow 01-28-04 031_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 9643 bytes)
The ice has already done significant damage, pulling pilings right out of the ground.
Snow 01-28-04 033_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 6102 bytes)
Had I been feeling very brave (or stupid), I probably could have walked out to the island.
Snow 01-28-04 053_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 7908 bytes)
Here's the old bulkhead, barely visible.
Snow 01-28-04 078_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 5896 bytes)
Here you can see a Coast Guard cutter keeping the shipping channel free from ice.
Snow 01-29-04 007_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 11100 bytes)
This is a Bohemia River Bridge.
Snow 01-29-04 006_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 7559 bytes)
This is a shot looking down the Bohemia River.
Snow 01-29-04 003_Small.jpg (320x240 -- 6805 bytes)
This is looking from the bridge toward Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor.

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