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December BoMM Run

Well, this was it. The final BoMM run of 2004, and the final outing for Bad Influence for the year. Relatively warm temperatures made for a very comfortable ride, just one week before Christmas.

Here we are walking out to the slip. You can tell that there are pretty much no boats left in the water.
Once we got underway, we toasted 2004.
We had a mascot for this BoMM run.
Here's some of the crew.
Mike and Sean were in the cabin making some beverages.
This Santa hat was keeping me warm.
The newly expanded Tiki Bar at the Chesapeake Inn is coming along nicely. This is probably the only opportunity we'll get to all be on the other side of this bar.
Here's the crew as we prepare to take over the upstairs bar.
I think we succeeded!
Chris, one of our favorite bartenders, made sure none of us went thirsty.
Wow, another BoMM run where we ended up at a bar. Crazy.
Here's Eric and I doing our final interview of the year.
Blair was trying to modify the sign to say something cool about the BoMM run.
Unfortunately, rewording the sign proved to be a more difficult task then we thought. Oh well, good effort.
Even the ride back was warm enough to sit back and relax.
We pulled back into Harbour North at sunset. The John Arthur is the only boat left in the water.
Here's the Bad Influence out of the water, getting ready to winterized and put away for the long, cold winter. I expect it to be back in the water in February!

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