The most incredible sunsets seem to happen on the bay. Here I've tried to capture a few of them. Pictures can't do them justice, and no words can describe them, so I'm simply putting the pictures here along with the dates they were taken. It's certainly nowhere near as good as seeing them in person, but it's better than nothing!

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

June 5th June 23rd
June 25th June 27th
July 1st August 9th
August 17th August 30th
September 6th September 7th
September 9th September 17th
Special thanks to Jenaire for risking her life atop the
Harbour North forklift to take this breathtaking shot!
September 23rd September 24th
September 28th October 5th
October 9th October 10th
October 11th October 12th
October 31st November 2nd
November 3rd November 15th

I'll update the "Last Updated" date on the home page when I add more pictures to this page, so you can see any new sunsets that I manage to get pictures of!