So one day, we're cruising around near Buttonwood Beach, and Sean spots a sinking boat! Of course, pirates' rules state that an abandoned boat is up for grabs, and Sean needed a boat, so...

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 We grabbed the sinking vessel and.tied it to the back of my boat, to tow it safely to shore for repairs.
Once we got close to shore, Sean dragged it onto the beach. What a beauty! (The boat, not Sean.)
Sean drained the water out of the boat. I think it's seaworthy again!
Well we don't know if it will float or not, but it's the perfect size for Sean!
Proud of his new acquisition, Captain Sean beams with excitement.
Sean is going to leave the boat docked at this pleasant marina for the time being, until he saves up enough money for a lift in Port Herman.
Sean hasn't even had a boat for 10 minutes and he's already getting chicks! Go Sean!.

I'm currently raising funds to buy Sean a bigger boat for next year. Email any donations to