No one can argue that Harbour North Marina isn't an "interesting" place. Here I decided to dedicate a page to demonstrate what might happen to your boat (or car) if you don't pay your bill. (You listening, Jim?)

One commonly used method is putting your car somewhere that makes it difficult to drive off without paying your bill.
Oftentimes boats are set adrift with no fuel, just for the sport of watching delinquent customers attempt a rescue mission.
Sometimes instead of setting a boat adrift, those clever cats at HNM will hide your boat where you might never find it.
This little trick works especially well with sailboats.
It's also not uncommon for them to pump all the water out of the marina so you can't take your boat.


Then there are those extreme examples, when your boat is considered forfeited.


Occasionally, your boat may be stabbed through the bottom, hoisted into the air, and dropped to its death.

And just as proof that I'm not kidding, here are two small video clips of boats being dropped:
Clip 1    Clip 2

I would post more pictures, but I just remembered I need to go pay my bill...