Well, on Monday, August 4th, I finalized the deal on my new boat! I bought a 2001 Sea Ray 245 Weekender. Here I've got some pictures of it on land when I was checking it out, and then a few pictures of some of us riding around on it.

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

 Here's the new boat sitting on a trailer right before I took it for the sea trial.
 Here's a quick view of the cabin. I expect to spend many nights down there...
 Over there is the stereo (the important thing), the sink, and some thing that makes fire for cooking or something like that. It doesn't look like any microwave I've ever seen, so I guess I'll have to read the owner's manual to figure out exactly what it is.
 Here's a few of us out joyriding.
 Here I am splashing through waves testing the durability of the hull. Or something.
 Here are a few cruising shots.
 A shot from the front.
 Here's Paul and I relaxing.

So there it is. Hopefully I'll have lots of new material for the site now!