This year myself, Bryan, Rich, and Karin went to the Chesapeake Inn Halloween Party as The Skipper, Gilligan, Ginger, and Mary Ann. Rich was a wonderful Ginger!

Here's Rich getting ready. He's already looking a little feminine.

Kristen lends a helping hand.

He's me and Gilligan preparing to embark on our three hour tour to the Chesapeake Inn.

Here's our whole gang. Gilligan was too drunk to stand, so we propped him up on this bar stool.

Here's the red neck hunter, the biker chick, and the Hulk.

This skeleton looks thirsty!

Eddie is sooo Evil.

Chris was cleverly disguised as...Chris.

Here's Skipper with a Red-headed slut. (I'm talking about the drink, not Rachel herself of course.)

Here's Skipper and Kate.

Here's Skipper and TR!

Here's TR with a tart.

Here's TR and Gilda.

And TR with Carrie.

Wow, that TR guy gets around.

Good thing Skipper's a nice respectable guy.

Jim is such an angel.

Jenarie, on the other hand...

This Kiss dude won the bets costume award. He was very convincing.

Here's Karen and Ted.

Whoah, what the heck's going on over here?

Gotta love group photos.

I think TR is trying to save this red-headed chick from a pirate. (I'll be nice.)

Show off those guns, Kate!

I'm sure Carrie will make me take these down if she ever sees them, so enjoy them while they're still here.

Happy Halloween! See ya next year...