Wow, time already for another Fell's Point Festival! You might remember a couple of pictures from the Festival 2 years ago. This time I remembered to bring my camera, and I'm glad I did! Bryan and I decided to head to Baltimore on my boat on Friday. We left about 4:30, and arrived at sunset.

Here I am driving my boat as we set out to head South. Look at the nice calm, sunny day. I'm wearing short sleeves, the water's calm, everything looks great for our trip.
We stopped in to see Paul Brew in Cabin John's Cove for a few minutes before heading out into the Bay. Again, notice how calm it is. You can kind of see Paul's boat way in the back...
Here we are approaching Turkey Point.
As we got around Turkey Point, the wind picked up, and we decided it was time for some warmer gear.
Here's my trusty GPS sitting on the dash. That thing comes in very handy on trips like this. Too bad I dropped it and now the screen doesn't really work anymore. Maybe some nice person will get me a GPS like this for Christmas.
Here's the Turkey Point Lighthouse. You can see that the water's starting to get a little rougher as we venture into the Bay. (You can find more information about the lighthouse here.)


OK, here I'm trying to show just how rough the water got as we neared Poole's Island.


Here you can see that I was starting to get a little wet, and so was the bimini top over my head. Water was splashing up over the windshield and soaking Bryan and I.


Here's more views of the rough water, and you can see the water on the windshield..


Even though he was soaking wet, Bryan still had a smile on his face while I was behind the protection of the windshield.
If you look at the high-res version of this picture, you can see the Bay Bridge in the distance. And the rough water. At this point we were getting beat up pretty badly.
But we were still smiling!
We came across this boat, which was about the same size as mine, and you can see the waves crashing over it. I assume we looked the same way to him!
Finally, we entered the harbor. After passing under the Key Bridge, this was our first glimpse of the Inner Harbor.
The sun was setting as we passed Fort McHenry. We made it just in time!
As we entered the no-wake zone, we saw these cool sailboats.
Here's how Baltimore looks at sunset.

Here are a couple more sunset pictures.

Here's Fell's Point, where we partied all weekend.
Here's the Bond Street Wharf building
Here's the entrance to Inner Harbor East Marina, where we spent Friday night.
This was the sunset over the Domino Sugar factory. Check out the moon in the upper right corner.
The sunset was most brilliant as we were heading for our slip
Mike and his Uncle George were there to greet us. Thanks go to Mike for getting us a spot in an otherwise full marina!
OK, at this point I have to confess that I forgot to bring the camera with me on Friday night. But needless to say, we had a blast; Mike stumbled off into the night at some point and we didn't notice, and Bryan passed out on the bar at Moby's and I had to carry him back to the marina. Nothing but fun!
The next morning we moved the boat to Baltimore Marine Center, because Bryan secured us a free slip there for the remainder of the weekend.


BMC didn't exactly have the cleanest water. Look at all the trash behind my boat on the left. Then some more trash appeared on my swim platform! Oh wait, that's just Bryan (sorry man, I was reaching.)


Of course we were starving, so we headed to Captain James for breakfast.
After breakfast we went back to Moby's. As we walked through the door, the bartender yelled "The drunk guys are back!" Bobby was a cool bartender, and we had a great time with him. Then we met some of his family.
Here's Bobby's Mom.

Bobby's Mom

Has got it going on...


Here's Bobby's grandmother. We stayed at Moby's for most of the day, although we shot a few games of pool at Reefer's while socializing with the Upper Chesapeake Yacht Club.
I was fortunate to stumble across these two chicks at some point during the evening.
Here's two more chicks that added to my commitment to return to Fell's Point ASAP.
By about 6 PM, Bryan had called it quits (I told him to lay off the mixed drinks at 11 AM; I wasn't carrying him home twice in one weekend), so I needed to find more friends. Fortunately I found Josh!
Speaking of finding friends, I ran into Wammi, who I hadn't seen in years!
And of course Blair was there too.
Here's a picture of Andrea taking a picture.
At some point during the evening, someone decided that doing body shots on the bar was a good idea. Sounds good to me!


Here are some more shots of body shots.


I have no idea what Brian was doing here.
Nothing warms my heart like close friends. Fell's Point is a very friendly place.


OK, we haven't seen Mike in hours, and he suddenly pops up out of nowhere? That's what I call timing.


When did Brian become the bartender?
We weren't allowed to dance on the tables, so the gang decided to get up on chairs.


I'd like to take a quick break from our bar hopping to show off Josh's new car, a Ferrari 360 Modena. He was kind enough to let me take these pictures of his $155,000 toy, then we did doughnuts around the parking lot, power braked in front of Moby's, and hit 187 mph on Aliceanna Street. Then we went back to the bar. If anyone doesn't remember us doing that, well then you were drunk.


The next day we attended the Festival. No trip to the Festival would be complete without Chicken on a Stick!
I think this is Bryan's Dad, with dark hair.
On our way out, we put this hot dog next to Kenny for safe keeping. Next year we'll revisit Leadbetter's to see if it's still there!
Here we are pulling out of BMC.
The ride home was nice and calm, unlike the ride down. We made it back to the Elk River right at sunset.
Another successful Fell's Point Festival!

Well there it was. See ya next year!