Saturday is of course the main event. And being as how I was participating in the main event (ie: drinking heavily), I didn't really take a whole lot of pictures. Between taxiing to and from shore, and wandering from boat to boat, lugging my camera around and chancing seeing it take a swim made me decide it was probably safer left on the boat. Sorry! If you weren't there to see it for yourself, you should try next year.

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

This was the party scene shortly after everyone woke up (came to?) Saturday morning.

This is a panoramic shot I took from the bow of my boat.

This was the view from land.
There were some interesting floatation devices there. I think this one is Coast Guard approved.
Jen and Mark had a good time paddling their way from party to party.
Marty, Nate, and Summer wouldn't have any of that paddling garbage.
Karin and Nancy floated around comfortably with some alcoholic beverages.
Did I mention there were chicks at Canal Day?
No Canal Day would be complete without HOWSMYHAT!
It's Rachel and Jamie! Both will be sorely missed next year
Cathy and Morgan better not abandon us next year!
Aaron and Cheri appear to have had their share of beers.
Here's the gang from D Dock.
I'm told Andrea has many talents.
OK Dan, stop dancing and pick your guitar back up.
This is Ginny. I forget her friend's name. I suck at names.
Chris, I'm not sure who the chick is (well I know she works for Barhopper Magazine), but I must say, well done.

There was more to it then that, but like I said before, taking pictures wasn't my top priority. You may have noticed some beads in these pictures. Well there's a reason for that. I'm not going to explain it here, but it's another good reason to attend next year!