Ah, the Friday before Canal Day. For the die-hards, it's almost as much of a party day as Canal Day itself. I arrived in Engineer's Cove about noon, and already there were a ton of people there.

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

Arriving on Friday, the empty slips at the Chesapeake Inn all had the orange Reserved cones out.
Unbelievably, there were already several rafts started, this one was already shut down by Marine Police; no more boats were permitted to add to the raft.
Rich was guarding B T-head waiting for a couple of other boats to arrive.
Gerry was relaxing, preparing for the festivities.
Glen was ready to party, as always.
Debbie was with child for this event, which prevented her from consuming alcohol, but she still made her appearance!
Buddy and Nathan prepare for a long weekend running the water Taxi. Next year I bet they bring better cushions.
This is a shot of the rafts towards the back of the cove.
People were already rafting along the bulkhead.
This is the beginning of the raft I was in.
There's my boat, fifth from the right.
Here's a rather large gentleman in a rather small boat.
A little activity is beginning in the raft I was part of.
Here's some familiar faces on the dock, waiting for the water taxi.
Sean is providing a taxi service of his own.
How many people can fit in a dinghy? More importantly, how many beers?
This guy seems to keep popping up on smaller and smaller vessels...
John seems to be having some engine troubles.
No alcohol was harmed during the taking of this picture.
Jen, Mark, Kimmy, Dave, and Greg starting to party.
Ginny and Andy, along with some friends.
Gerry cruising the scene.
Julie and I cruised around on the wave runner.
Dockmaster Andy with his beads.
Sean had an abundance of beads as well, not to mention squirt guns.
This is Friday's sunset. Even though the day was ending, the party was just beginning...
Rich and I taking the party inside.
Really, I haven't been drinking since noon...
Bryan looks remarkably sober here. Maybe I'd better get my camera looked at.
This chick's getting married soon. This dude's not getting married anytime soon.

Well that was Friday. Next year I'm arriving on Thursday!