So there I was, the day before St. Patrick's Day, just minding my own business, when Scott calls up and says "Hey, wanna go boating?" Silly question...

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

Scott wanted to take a look at Joe's boat, which he is considering purchasing. There's Scott, Joe, and his chick, Missy. She's on the maintenance plan. Also notice the first beer of the summer!
Here you can see that there was still snow on the bank.
All the other boats were still shrink-wrapped on land!
Take a quick glance over at the tachometer. Yup, 5 grand. We were cruising around 70 mph here...
The quarry looks about the same at 70 as it does at 35.
Hanging out on the Susquehanna River.
You can see snow on the hills in the quarry too.
There's three of the four bridges over the Susquehanna. (at 70 mph)
Here's me in front of the Portside Grill. My first boating trip of 2003! Leather may be inappropriate for boating, but it is only March 16th...
Now that we're going slow enough to focus the camera, here are the guages.
This is the door that Joe will be putting back on the boat. Scott sure will be snug in there!
This little island looks a lot different with no leaves on the trees!
This is what Scott's hair looks like at 70 mph. Notice the position of the throttle. Scott wouldn't have it any other way...
And here's Turkey Point.
There's Joe and Missy snuggled in the warm cabin.
After a not-so-exciting attempt at a meal in Port Deposit, we took the 15 minute trip (70 mph) to the Chespeake Inn. We'd heard good things about that place, I think one of us had been there before.
Here you can see that we were the only boat at the Inn. The deck doesn't open until the first weekend in May. (We'll be there!)
Here's me practicing reading the Nor'easter at 70 mph.
Here's Scott driving again.
Missy's keeping warm in the cabin
Got beads? This is the first set of boobs Scott saw on his (possibly) new boat. And if he has anything to say about it, it won't be the last.