On our way out of Harbour North this day, we noticed that the strong winds during the night had carried two of the channel markers way out of the channel. Our mission was to rescue them.

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

Here I have just lassoed the first of the markers. Now we're going to drag it back to where it's supposed to be..
Here's a top view of the marker.
Here's Paul petting the nice buoy to reassure it that everything will be OK.
Here Paul has just lassoed the second marker, and is tying it tightly to the boat.
Paul keeps a careful eye on the straggler as we tow it back into position.
Here are the two markers back in position at the entrance to the channel.
And here's a view of the channel all back in order. Mission accomplished. Sort of. A careful look at this picture shows that we could have aligned things a little better. Oh well, at least we made an effort.