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Here we are anchored out in the Bohemia River. There's Paul, Melis, and myself.
And there's Dusty, and the chick is Elaine.
Here's a better shot of the important parts of Elaine.
Here I am listening intently to something Dusty is saying that is undoubtedly extremely important.
Here's me with a football. Wait - what?? Me with a football?
Apparently these pictures are not a hoax. I really was holding a football. And I almost look like I knew what I was doing.
Apparently I can even throw a football. Ah, the miracle of beer.
The idea of me with a football is too much for even Dusty to handle.
Now that's more like it. Here I am running from the football, much more true-to-life.
Here's Melissa with an alcoholic beverage.
Here's Elaine with a NONALCOHOLIC beverage! What the...
Here's Dusty performing what we call the Beaver Ballet.
Not to be outdone, Aaron demonstrated the finer moves of the Bushwilly Ballet.
Well done Aaron, well done.
Scott is not interested in ballet.
However, he's proud to show off this frosty beverage in the Captain's coolie.
I'm pretty concerned about what Dusty is doing beneath my brother, but I'm thinking I'd rather not know.
Something about wearing more than one pair of sunglasses at a time is very amusing.
Here's Paul and Melis.
And here's Paul, Melis, and me.
Here's me, John, and Scott.
Dusty and John have a very close relationship.
Maybe a little too close..
When Dusty's around a hot chick, he likes to lick footballs.
When John's around a hot chick, he likes to lick...poles. I'm leaving that one alone..
This is what happens to John after he makes his own RUM and cokes.
This is what happens to Scott after.... well, one beer.
Once John regained consciousness, he decided to stick things to his forehead and make strange body motions. Understandable.
Insiders may recall the now-infamous "nuts in your mouth" routine...
Ah, feel the love!.
There's no other way to end a June boating day than to go to the Chesapeake Inn. Plus Aaron was meeting his girlfriend there.
Aww, how cute.
Look at the lovebirds...
Here's the lovebirds with a dodo. I thought they were extinct.

(Sorry Scott, I didn't have a better comment for this picture.)

And here's the gang. I'm missing because I'm taking the picture. But notice that John is also missing. I haven't seen him since that day, I hope we didn't leave him in the river somewhere. We miss you, buddy. And I still have the shirt you left on the boat that day.