On this Sunday afternoon, myself, Dusty, Mike, Tara, and Scott took a little ride down the Canal to Delaware City.

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

Here's me as we head towards Delaware City from the Delaware Bay side towards the C&D Canal.
Uh Dusty, the camera's rolling... Dusty has a difficult time leaving certain parts of his body alone.
Here's the entrance to the canal that we went through.
Here's some of the wildlife we saw.
Here's Mike and Tara enjoying the ride.
Speaking of wildlife, here's Scott and I.
These guys had a little remote control boat they were following us around with.
Here it is again.
How come Dusty's the only one back there with a beer?
Here's the bottom of a low bridge we had to go under.
Here is it after we passed it.
And this shot shows just how low it really was.
Here's a view of the canal ahead as we were passing through it.
The bridge in the background is the Reedy Point Bridge (Rt 9.).
Here I am enjoying the sunshine.
Here's some more wildlife.
We're going to try to sneak up on it.
I think it noticed us.
Yup, we scared it away. Or maybe it just caught a whiff of Dusty.
Here's another shot of the bridge.
For some strange reason, I allowed Dusty to captain the boat.
Here I seem to be contemplating the possible results of my decision to let Dusty drive.
I think Dusty knows what I'm thinking. Keeps your eyes on the water Dust!
OK I think it's time for someone to bring me back to reality.
Here's the St. George's Bridge.
Here it is again.
Here's the Rt 1 Bridge, with the St. George's Bridge in the background.
And here they are again.
Mike and Tara don't get quite as excited about bridges as I do. Actually, I don't think anyone does.
See my excitement!.
After our journey, we decided to try something unusual, so we went to the Chesapeake Inn for pizza and beer. There's Sheila and someone who I don't know.
Here we are at the bar.
We like the bar.
And we like the bartender, Donna.
I was trying to take this picture of our pizza in the background, but these two got in the way..
After Dusty and Mike and Tara left, Scott and I headed down to the Kolbe's, and caught this sunset along the way..
That bird was checking out the sunset too.
And I guess he called his friends. They must have that NexTel thing.
And this is the Kolbes' boat, Breakin' Wind. There's Marty on the left, and Rich is sitting down. I forget the dude's name up top, but he's related to Karen or something..
And there's Kristen looking somewhat intoxicated.
Here I am trying not too look too intoxicated.
Here's the Kolbes' boat on the lift in their slip.
Sometimes I just wish I didn't let Scott take pictures..
Here's Karen and Kristen dancing. I'm pretty sure they asked me to please not put these pictures on the 'net, but I won't tell them if you don't.
The next two pictures are better. Really.
Now they're getting down...
It's good to have fun.
I hope Kristen's not puking on Rich's boat.
After all that excitement, I needed to cool down on the dock with a frosty malted beverage.
And who should arrive - but Jim!
Here's Jim and Jennaire preparing to join us.
They didn't stay too long, and when they left, so did the rest of us, and that was the end of that day's adventure.