On this fine Tuesday afternoon, myself, Danielle, Jim, Paul, and Tom went out on Paul's boat, and enjoyed a quite time in Cabin John's Cove.

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

Here's Tom, Paul, myself, and Jim sitting on Paul's boat. (Note me sucking in my gut...)
Since that first picture was a bit dark, Danielle took another, this time from the front of Paul's boat so we were facing the sun. (I'm not sucking it in this time, but at least my arm is hiding most of it.)
Here's a shot I took of Danielle with the boys.
And here's Danielle and I with the cove in the background.
Here's Tom and Paul.
And here's Danielle with those two.
And here's Tom by himself..
And of course, no boating weekday would be complete without catching the sunset!
All gone....
Several alcoholic beverages got Jim and Danielle very cozy... Too cozy? You decide.
Jim is very photogenic..
And this is Jim's crotch. Jim seems to enjoy taking pictures of his crotch. To view more "Crotch Shots of Jim, by Jim", click here.