My brother Paul and I are indebted to Eric Miller and his wonderful family for taking us for a sail one afternoon. We met them in Fairley Creek, and left my boat anchored there while we took a sunset sail. I'm sorry to report that we don't have any pictures of Eric and Debbie or their two children, but I'll definitely be catching up with them for more boating fun in 2002, so I'll try to get some then.

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

Here's my brother getting a suntan. He usually gets more tan in 3.2 minutes on the boat then most people do all summer at the beach...
And here I am, enjoying a Yeungling in the sun. Does this camera make me look fat? Nope, the stomach does. (Has nothing to do with the beer.)
Yup, it's me again. Next time I'll comb my hair before I let Eric take any pictures.
Apparently we were boarded by a pirate ship run by Zorro. Fortunately he didn't steal the beer.
Well this is about as close to a sunset as we got. Paul and I had to go all the way back to the Elk, so we wanted to head home before it got dark.
And here we go, pushing ourselves away from Eric's boat. We were definitely the only powerboat/sailboat raftup combo out there that weekend. Oh and I lied about not having any pictures of Eric. There's his arm. You can imagine what the rest of him looks like.
Yes, we're still leaving...
And away we go! Don't forget to pull in that fender, buddy...

Thanks to the Millers for this page!