So there we were, Scott, Danielle, and I, just floating around in front of Schaefer's Canal House, when all of a sudden we heard a bunch of commotion, and then saw an awful lot of smoke. Now of course we're not nosey or anything, but Chesapeake City is a pretty quiet town after Labor Day, so we decided to cruise over and see what was going on. Glad we had a camera, because the workers on the bridge apparently set the south bank of the canal on fire!

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

Those were some pretty big flames right between two pillars under the bridge.
So a bunch of people grabbed some fire extinguishers, and put out the fire.
And created a heck of a lot of smoke in the process.
Did I mention the smoke?
Well, so much for those fire extinguishers. Now what?
Ahh... Call in the professionals! We knew they were coming when we heard the siren go off three times on the north side. As if bridge traffic isn't bad enough, they stopped traffic both ways while waiting for the fire truck.
Well, I'm sure these guys know what they're doing... Maybe they need a bigger hose.
Finally! We knew they'd get it! Chesapeake City is saved!

And yet another disaster avoided. I'm glad we had a cooler full of Yeungling while we watched that go down.