OK, I think December 1st is going to be the last day this year that I will be boating in shorts. In fact, my boat was already winterized, but I de-winterized it just for this sunset cruise!

(Click on a picture for a Hi-Res version)

As the sun was setting behind us, I took this shot of Jim's boat on the where it is wedged in for the winter season. And I mean wedged. I hope they can get that thing out of there in the spring...
Here I am sitting on the back of my boat right as the sun was about to set. In shorts I might add.
Check this out - I actually got the little timer thingy on the camera to take this shot, and it actually came out pretty good!
Well, a picture never does a sunset justice, especially after I scan it for this site. But really, you have to see a sunset on the Bay to truly experience it.
And that brought the 70 degree December day to an end...