Every year, on the second weekend in October, is the Annapolis Powerboat Show. Every year, rain or shine (or wind), I insist on going by boat. This year myself, Danielle, and Scott took my boat down, and our friends John and Missy followed us down on their boat. The wind was really kicking, and therefore the bay was REALLY rough. Definitely the roughest water I can ever remember being in.

Here I am driving the boat as we began our journey. Looks like I should be paying more attention. Fortunately the boat has cruise control. 
So, we arrived at the boat show, and immediately headed for a boat. I mean bar. Scott went to look at boats, while the other four of us found a nice place to drink beer. Here's John and I. Is the picture blurry or are we already drunk?
And here's myself, Danielle, Missy, and John.
By now this crew needs no introduction... 
OK, here's a boat! This Donzi was really sweet. For all the time we spent at the boat show, this is the only boat picture I took. Of course if we had spent as much time on the docks as we did in the bars.... 
After several beers, Scott found it necessary to take a picture of himself. I guess it's a little hard to focus when you're looking in the wrong end of the camera. 
After the boat show ended, we went to a nice restaurant, Griffin's, for dinner. Again, Scott decided taking a picture of the waitress was a good idea. I could think of worse things to take a picture of though... 
Here's four of us at dinner. I see a lot more beer then I do food. 
And here's Scott to join us. Can you tell we got a littel sun that day? 
Well, due to the really bad wind, and the fact that it was raining by the time we ate dinner, we decided to stay in a hotel that night. Here's John and Missy's room. If you end up getting stuck somewhere for the night, there's no better place than Annapolis. What a great town. 
And after a nice breakfast we finally got under way. Here's John and Missy's boat. 
Here's the marina where we left our boats the night before. Yes, we were the only powerboats. Annapolis is a drinking town with a sailing problem, or something like that. 
Is that a beer in John's hand already? I guess anytime time on a boat is a good time to start drinking. 
Well so much for the smooth sailing on the way home. It was almost as rough as the day before! In the background is the Bay Bridge, and you can see from the whitecaps that we were in some rough water. 
Here's an even better picture of the water. Don't mess with Mother Nature. 
This was a pretty neat looking sailboat we passed on the way back. 
Um, here it is again. 
OK TR, put the camera away now... 
Did I mention that cool sailboat we saw? 
Here I am putting gas in the boat at Tollchester Marina. I didn't really need to stop for gas, but I figured better safe than sorry. Plus we all REALLY needed a break from the bouncing, especially poor Danielle.

And that was that. Sorry there was only one actual picture from the boat show. But it was definitely a good time.